25 Jan 2016

7 Decorating Tips To Steal From Ralph Lauren



Ralph Lauren is a legendary designer. He is most well known for running one of the most successful luxury brands in the world in addition to designing beautiful clothes. However, I personally love him for his home collections.

If you have ever stopped by a Ralph Lauren home store (my favorite is in Greenwich, Connecticut), you know how detailed and grande these stores can be. Ralph Lauren originally launched his home collection back in 1983, well before major design houses even launched home furnishing lines taking his vision of a stylish life one step further.

My mom (obviously) was the first to introduce me to the designer and of course we’ve picked up a thing or two from visiting the Ralph Lauren home stores so here are 7 decorating tips we can all steal from the legendary Ralph Lauren!

“My wife, Ricky, and I were shopping for things for our apartment, and all the sheets were very feminine and covered in roses. I wondered, Why can’t I get something masculine? So I took the Oxford cloth we were using to make shirts, turned it into bedding, and sewed buttons down the side of the pillowcases.” – Ralph Lauren to Arch Digest


One. Blue and white – everything. 



Two. Always keep crisp linens on hand.




Three. Ginger jars will never go out of style. 

Giner-JarsSource: Ethan Allen


Four. It’s ok to mix blue and white dish sets.


Source: Ralph Lauren


“I felt like just creating the clothes wasn’t enough,” says Lauren, adding, “It’s all an extension of something I wanted in my life—or my dream life.” – Ralph Lauren to Arch Digest


Five. Investing in coffee table books is never a bad idea.


Source: Arch Digest


Six. English chairs can work in a breakfast nook. 


Source: Arch Digest

Seven. Embrace bold wallpaper for a dramatic effect.




Source: Arch Digest

23 Jan 2016

Winter Skin Care Must-Haves


Photo: Style Du Mond

If there is one word I could use to describe my winter skin care routine it’s DEDICATED.  Ok, I know you guys know this by now but I just love skin care. I don’t include make up in this category (I’m actually not even that good at doing my make up), it’s straight up wrinkle-preventing, anti-aging, please help me fight dehydration skin care products that I deem necessary to stay up-to-date on.

So since I am so dedicated to this little hobby of mine, I thoughtI would share a couple new winter skin care products that I have both used and have on my radar during these cold winter months:

Balm Dotcom: One can never have enough balms. I recently came across Balm Dotcom which is composed of natural antioxidants and provides a waxy texture that seals in moisture – perfect for the dead of winter. What I love most about this product is that in comes in three – one for home, the office and your purse.

Aurelia: If you’re like me and suffer from dehydration, Aurelia’s cell reviatlizing moisturizer melts into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. Made up of omega rich botanicals, this overnight cream is perfect to help lock in moisture.

Ski-II and Ski-II Mid-day Essence: These two skin care beauties I have on my radar. I keep seeing articles talk about how good the Ski-II collection is. Cate Blachett is a major advocate as well as just about every major makeup professional to help keep skiing hydrated all day long. Sign – me – up.

Verso Super Eye Serum and Vitamin E Eye Balm: I feel like I have tried every eye cream and balm under the sun. I currently have Verso’s Super Eye Serum and Vitamin E’s eye balm in rotation. The eye serum helps prevent bags under my eyes and the eye balm is great for a winter dewey look.

Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint: I’ve recently joined the Tata Harper beauty cult. This lip and cheek tint is perfect for the winter months as we rarely see the sun during the day. It gives such a pretty glow and a touch of color.

La Tulipe Hand Cream: I absolutely can’t stand when my hands get dry during the winter. La Tulipe hand cream is a personal favorite in addition to L’occitane hand cream.


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23 Jan 2016

Weekend Notes



  • Jessica of What I Wore wrote a great article on the evolution of “fashion blogging.” There’s no doubt she’s an original OG in the blog world and it’s great to see that she will be expanding her content. – What I wore
  • I want to go HERE. – Pinterest
  • An antique shop that is a must-visit in New York City. – Lonny



21 Jan 2016

What To Wear In A New York City Snow Storm

Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you’re staying well caffeinated this morning. I’m sure you’ve seen on the news this week that New York City (among many others) is about to get hit with a major snow storm this weekend.

I’ve experienced a snow storm or two in my day. Chicago, remember THIS blizzard from 2011?! That was fun. Anyhow, after growing up in Ohio, living in Chicago for three years, and now New York, you better believe I’ve mastered what to wear and how to look stylish in a snow storm! Let’s break it down, shall we?


Source: The August Diaries


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that layers count most. I learned pretty quick after moving to Chicago that Patagonia was my new best friend. Patagonia’s outwear is simply the best – I particularly love their fleece collection. I’ve had my eye on their puff jackets for quite some time too. For a more stylish look try any of Club Monaco’s sweaters or I also love this long cardigan for a more polished look.


How cute is THIS fur hat from Topshop? There’s nothing I love more than a stylish hat.


There are three type of boots I’ve worn throughout various snow storms: Hunter Boots (not the best for warmth, but hey when  you’re stuck at work and those are the only boots you’ve got – you go with it!). Duck boots (more so for the minor storms). Try L.L. Bean or Sperry for my current favorites. And last but not least, SORELS. These babies are the best for serious snow.


A good pair of leather gloves will never go out of style. Up your winter style factor with these black beauties with little studs.


A warm winter coat is a must!! Whether you prefer a big puffer (although I have a love hate relationship with them) OR something more stylish such as this wool coat from J.Crew, as long as your warm – that’s all that matters!!