Weekend Notes

You know when you get a call from your mother saying how you haven’t been nearly posting as much on your blog and that your going to lose all your followers – it’s time to get your shit together. What can I say? Summer, travel and work has seriously gotten the best of me these past few months.

So I hope with my travel schedule slowing down this fall (although I’m currently writing this post on a plane to St. Louis… I swear this is my last trip!) things will be much more fun around here. And hopefully someone….anyone….is still out there reading along. So thanks, Mom! I can always count on you to look at my blog every single day and tell me like it is. LOVE YOU!


Let’s get into it this weekend, shall we? Favorite links from around the web, the best of sales and shopping+ what you missed on Lauren-Nelson.com this week. Insert: the TOP TEN blanket scarves for fall! Yassssssssss.

Links I Loved

  • Yep, Tulum has officially been added to my bucket list. – LaurenConrad.com

Sales & Shopping

  • Guys, I found your new plaid shirt for fall. Love me some buffalo check.
  • Like I need anymore striped shirts in my closet, but hey, what the hell.

In case you missed it